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Reading between the lines- Zoom G1Xon Guitar Pedal Oscilloscope Plots

Lately, I've been working on a programmable guitar pedal, which involves electronic-tweaking of sound signals produced by a guitar. This time, I chose a rather more engineering-oriented approach involving a bit of research and data collection instead of directly sitting down to design a pedal. Observing the master's work is always a great place to start learning a new concept!

While I've watched several demonstrations and used several unique guitar pedals and made some myself that produce the craziest of sounds, I've always wanted to understand the effects through a more visual representation.

And so, I hooked up a simple setup involving a guitar pedal, an oscilloscope, and a function generator to see how a digital guitar pedal manipulates a clean input sinusoidal signal. Afterall, an audio signal is nothing more than several superimposed sinusoidal waves with different frequencies (Fourier series).

Equipment Used- Guitar Pedal- zoom-G1xon Multi-effects digital pedal Oscill…