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Top 10 Simple and Useful Electronics Projects Compilation

Weekend Project- TV Remote Controlled car!

Its pretty cool that we can control many appliances in our home wirelessly through IR systems. Perhaps is that all ? In this blog, ill be sharing an interesting use of the TV remote other than its conventional use of controlling the TV. 
So, you can make your own TV remote controlled car by following the video and the resources.
1.The video

2. The circuit diagram

3. Link for the IR remote library.

4. List of main parts

An Arduino Uno,DC motor shafts,L293x/L298 motor driver,TSOP 1738 IR receiver,9V battery,Jumper wires( of-course)If you're having any trouble finding TSOP 1738s, here's a link to one that I use-

5. And of-course the Arduino-Code

// Written and debugged by Siddharth Kothari, <IRremote.h>int leftmotora=8; int leftmotorb=9; int rightmotora=10; int rightmotorb=12; int RECV_PIN =11; IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN); decode_results results; voidsetup(){ irrecv.enableIRIn…

DIY Motion Activated Tremolo Pedal!

Hello Everyone!
Guitar pedals and music effects are very interesting to experiment with, so I decided to come up with something new and original. Using minimum possible components I made a circuit that simply breaks and rejoins the connection between the guitar and the amp. But thats not the catch,
This pedal can be controlled without coming in contact with the pedal. 
Weird, right?
The setup uses an ultrasonic sensor (Popularly, used for obstacle avoidance in robots) to calculate the distance from the pedal, and activate the effect accordingly. Also the closer you move towards the pedal, the more shallower the effect gets. 
Well, if I've got your attention and your head is bubbling with ideas,  here is , how I made it!-

Step 1- Watch the video-

Step 2- Get the parts-

1. An Arduino ( Uno or Nano) ( a clone would also do the trick)
2. A single channel relay (an electro-mechanical switch)
3. (1/4 inch mono sockets) x2
4. Ultrasonic sensor module (HC SR04)
5. A toggle switch
6. A DC socket ( to u…


If you play guitar, or know someone who does, you maybe aware of the fact that guitar picks are just mere pieces of plastic or nylon cut to perfection. Well, what if you could personalise your picks, or even shape them to your comfort?
Here's one simple way of going about it! Step 1- SELECT THE RIGHT CD (DVD) So the first step is to select a DVD. The visual difference between a CD and a DVD is that CD's are white on their reflective side and DVD's are blue on their reflective side. So what we need is the BLUE one. In case, you're stuck-
Step 2- SEPARATE THE TRANSLUCENT LAYER All DVD's are made of two layers - The cover and the projection layer. We want the projection or the translucent layer. To separate it, all you have to do is make a cut on its edge (circumference) and separate it out. We won't be needing the opaque plastic cover so you can throw that. And if some of that sparkly stuff is stuck on the transluc…

Here Comes the Sun

Here we are! Here comes the sun, and I say, Its time for a new project!
Aloha! Im Siddharth and i'm crazy for DIY stuff. On this page, you're gonna find articles and instructables on projects that you can make, no matter where you are! By saying projects, I mean right from 'Making guitar picks' to making 'Real wearable jetpacks' (nah, just kidding), but yeah, will touch electronics in depth!