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DIY Guitar Pedals Enclosure/Project Idea Library

If you're looking for ideas/inspiration for a unique enclosure for your project, you've come to the right place! Ideas and pictures on this page are contributed mainly by members of DIY guitar stompboxes groups and communities on G+, Facebook, Reddit and other forums. Some projects have also been handpicked from the internet without which, this list would be incomplete. Want to feature your pedal in this list? Click here.

Out of the Ordinary Enclosures-
1. Merry Christmas OverDrive

Merry Christmas OD from Mean Machines FX Pedals. Its a transparent overdrive that uses  sound to light up LEDs. The Christmas tree lights up to the rhythm of the music!

2. Glow In Dark Fuzz Face
Germanium fuzz face clone with glow paint, sounds like a piece of moon rock! Built by George Robins.

3. The 1954 Transparent Fuzz Pedal/ Patent Pending
A boutique transparent fuzz pedal by screaminfx. See all the tone making glory in the actual pedal.
A sizzling addition to any pedal board!  Click here to see it in act…

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